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Totalbodycontrol n.2

A documentary made for the launch of the platform ExSitu.

18 minutes . (A)void Floating Gallery . Prague . 2018



A performance imagined by Flora Bouteille with Antoine Bachmann, Lily Brieu, Alix Merle, Samuel Gouttenoire, Swan Gautier and Grégoire Rousseau.

On the occasion of the launch of the ex situ curatorial platform at the (A)VOID Floating Gallery in Prague, 2 December 2018. Inspired by readings such as Grégoire Chamayou's Les chasses à l'homme and Maurizio Lazzarato's Governing by the debt, TotalBodyControl n.2 is research around the hunt for bodies in the digital age. This collaborative performance also summons the sensuality of a hunt between man and machine, but also the fear and fascination that arise in the face of these intelligent systems. In collaboration with Grégoire Rousseau, Flora Bouteille has developed a device for capturing and retransmitting live images, malleable by the performers of this piece. They will wander within the (A)VOID Floating Gallery: the real bodies and the bodies virtual will be superimposed and will answer each other in the different spaces of the boat.

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